Adventure Shots 5 Top Tips for New Campers

Camping is more popular than ever. It is a fantastic way to explore the outdoors, get some fresh air and a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

 We have put together some top tips that we think will help make your first camping trip more enjoyable and stress free.


  1. Don’t splash out on camping equipment!

If you haven't been camping a lot or even at all don’t splash out on expensive equipment to start with. Set a budget and stick to it. A camping trip can be a cheap alternative for a family holiday or a bunch of friends getting away for the weekend if done right. Ask a friend can you borrow their tent, get one in the sale or pick one up at a reasonable price to begin with so you can get the camping experience and see if it’s for you.


  1. Buy a bigger tent than you think you need!

Not only that but pitch it up in your back garden before your trip to familiarize yourself with the setup, even take a few quick photos. The last thing you want to be doing is spending hours getting frustrated while other people watch you trying to pitch your tent on your first camping trip.

It’s always worth purchasing a bigger tent than you think you will need. That 4 man outdoor tent might sound like the perfect purchase but by the time you factor air mattress and everybody’s gear in it is unlikely you will be left with enough room to fit 4 people comfortably. Everybody likes their own space. Splash out a little extra when it comes to getting a tent which will provide extra room and keep happy campers all round.


  1. Pack extra!

New campers often neglect to pack enough clothes. Even in peak season it can be a lot colder at night than you'd expect. It is particularly difficult for the body to warm up again once you have allowed yourself to get cold and it's no fun lying awake in a tent all night because you’re shivering. Make sure you're wrapped up well by packing extra blankets and layers. You never know when they will be useful as there are no laundry facilities on campgrounds and the weather can be unpredictable, different weather conditions will demand different attire.


  1. Make a checklist!

This sounds like no fun but trust me it’s worth doing. Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Use a checklist to check of each item and make sure nothing is left behind when packing the car. You don’t want to get the blame when you turn up at the campsite and the tent was left at home. Don't overlook this step, stay organized. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in the overall enjoyment and experience of your trip.


  1. Pre Plan meals!

New campers don’t always put enough thought into the food prep and how many meals will be needed and for how many people. Make a quick note of what you plan to eat for each meal and prepare what you can at home by marinating the meats, wrapping the potatoes in tin foil and cutting up the vegetables etc. This will save time and stress when at the campsite.  

Also think about the equipment and utensils you will need to prepare your food when camping. Don’t forget condiments and necessary utensils like a can opener. When it comes to packing the food, pack by each meal making it easier for yourself.


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We'd love to hear your top tips for new campers and what tips you found most helpful. Comment below :) 

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